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If you have a problem with me talk to me not UBFriends staff

Views expressed do not necessarily represent those of University Bible Fellowship or UBFriends nor other members or ex members of UBF

To UBFriends staff if you need to modify this slightly or greatly  in the version posted on UBFriends to meet the censorship code in order to avoid threats feel free to do so I will retain the original uncensored post here.  If you prefer another means of dealing with controversial material such as me emailing you something then asking permission to post it let me know.  I see nothing here that technically violates the official rules you posted or the other extra rules you emailed me but the implications might really tick people off.  Also I tend to do these in a sleep deprived session in which I feel strongly compelled to write and do not always have it written best the first time.

Complaints about controversial material to UBFriends staff has led me to the decision to relocate most of my material to a separate set of blogs.  Some people have been complaining to and even threatening UBFriends staff but not talking to me because of my material and the material of one other individual who will not be named by me.  Please leave UBFriends staff alone

You can email me at






My blogs are listed, described and indexed at

Some of them have comments deactivated and some have comments activated for various reasons including that I am still setting things up and testing them as well as for other reasons

I am trying to have comments on with moderation and trying different settings out

Some of the deleted comments are me testing the comment feature then deleting my own comments to keep it from getting too messy so do not assume I will censor you just because of other deleted comments.

I would appreciate it if you please try posting something on my blog even if it is just the phrase, "testing"

Currently should have comments on but I am still testing the comments feature

I only have two commenting rules
1 Comments must not be illegal under United States law
2 Do not personally identify individuals in any way that someone can identify who they are in real life

I do not care if you leave hate speech as long as you do not give out people's personal info so that they can be identifiable or post anything against United States law to post.  I strongly disagree with many United States censorship laws but must abide by them in order to keep this blog running.

No matter how much I hate what an individual did in UBF I always leave out their name on this blog unless I am quoting exact words from an outside source that has a person's name or am quoting a quote from someone via a public source in order to avoid plagiarism by citing them such as attributing Samuel Lee's or Ron Ward's sermons to Samuel Lee or Ron Ward

I do this because because I did and said embarrassing things myself while in University Bible Fellowship and would not want individuals identifying me publicly for my mistakes.  Even active die hard members doing horrible things may one day decide to leave UBF and if they do and everyone hates them because someone personally identified them upon finding it difficult to cope outside UBF they maybe tempted to return.  To those who are ex members but personally identifying current members how would you like it if someone revealed every embarrassing thing you did in your life.

From what I understand and I could be wrong UBFriends staff received threats because of the other person who personally identified individuals and even gave pictures. I understand several reasons why he might have done this including warning people to prevent them from recruiting and I would not have made the same choice for reasons described above but I am not going to say he definitely made the wrong choice, it is a tough call.  I received a great sense of satisfaction from seeing what he did but I personally was also very disturbed that he would do such a thing for reasons I already described 

I suppose he might say that he is publicly naming  himself as a ex member so he does not care if people snitch on him for any and every mistake he made in his entire life but I wish he would see the bigger picture that people are more willing to expose their personal problems and faults and what is wrong with the ministry if they can do so anonymously and that ex members and secret reformers are better able to influence members sitting on the fence if they can communicate anonymously.  There is a reason Roman Catholics have anonymous confessions as opposed to public confessions as a requirement although I do not agree with Roman Catholicism.  I feel like pointing out the behavior patterns and trends of current members without giving out their personal information is the way to go if we want to be respected as being anonymous individuals ourselves as ex members or current members who secretly plan for reform or people who have secret communication with current members, which would be ruined if everyone pointed out everything we did publicly.  If we remain anonymous but mention specific individuals personal contact information and pictures who are still in the group I feel like that is a loss of credibility and not showing them the same level of respect that we would want them to give us.  Another thing that was potentially problematic with what he was doing was that it influenced people to make threats against ex members who personally identified themselves.  I imagine in a sense his strategy was very powerful in that the effect of social ostracism was working so strong against the current members that they felt the need to make such threats so I understand their might be greatness to his strategy but there are also the cons i described above.  These threats although mostly being merely for show should be taken seriously as members of cults have attempted to assassinate critics in real life, I could give real examples but I will not because I do not want people to try out specifics I might mention.

From what I understand this individual posts material on his own blog now that has the personal information but posts some posts on UBFriends linking to his blog without putting personal information on UBFriends

My material was extremely offensive because I said all individuals should be allowed to make their own choices if they have sufficient understanding of their choice and they are not harming or endangering or deceiving or stealing from someone else without that person's consent as a blanket statement.  People will try to weasel around that and say it is unethical for a certain group of people to be allowed to make their own choices and that I am the wrong doer for making such a blanket statement, they may even deny doing so but in the final analysis that is what they are doing.  If we can not accept these principles for all people then we have not abandoned the mind control of University Bible Fellowship let alone society at large which I said is a greater problem than UBF.

 Secondly members of University Bible Fellowship accepted me when I hated myself at first but when I said there was nothing wrong with me I became a great villain to them you will understand what I mean by this when you read one of my blogs with the most controversial material which I have not posted a direct link to from here but can be found in my general index of blogs.

Thirdly I was accused of anti semitism when I cited a Jewish website run by Jews this is the most ridiculous charge of all that a Jewish source would be anti semitic if you do not like Jewish laws that does not mean I am antisemitic because you do not want to believe such a Jewish rule was ever declared by a Jewish authority figure.  Or perhaps I am wrong and I am accused of anti semitism for another reason please tell me what it is, not that I will censor my sources to become politically correct for you, but I am really curious.  I hold no racism against individuals based on Jewish ancestry but the religion still teaches what it teaches.

These are not necessarily the only reasons but these are the ones I hope my critics exam their conscious on that are most strongly in my mind.

Shame on you for bullying UBF staff just because you do not like what some other person does who is not a staff member.  You act religiously conservative in UBF but you behave like social justice warriors trying to shut down free speech.

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