Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Were the top leaders guilty of human trafficking?

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I have so much trouble believing this that I am skeptical of my own memory but this is what I remember

1 The top leaders knew about the information sent by ex members and reformers. I saw Sarah Barry say she threw letters from people complaining about UBF, I alone am not the only witness to claim this

2 Samuel Lee held people's Passports hostage.  I heard members in good standing say how it was good for Samuel Lee to do that, I alone am not the only witness.

3 A woman in my chapter was supposed to be matched with me, after she rejected many other matches in a row including to other people in the chapter. Suddenly her passport went missing

4 One of the other members said that he hoped the Pastor did not take her passport because this happened to other people with Samuel Lee according to internet articles he read and he thought the Pastor might try to be like Samuel Lee

5 This is highly embarrassing to admit and I had so much trouble believing it really happened but I remember the Pastor saying she has one week to decide if she will marry me and he took her passport because she is so stubborn about marrying anyone.  Now I might have thought this is in my favor which is good but ethically I should tell her but that will not work because she will not believe me.  I remember immediately wondering if  I really remembered that correctly because I could not believe what he told me, so I never told anyone.  If I was absolutely sure he really said that and thought she would believe me I might have told her.  I did not tell anyone because it was so unbelievable I doubted my memory and did not want to take the risk of saying that and it is embarrassing to say you believe something really happened but it is so unbelievable you are not sure if it really did.  I am not saying that my memory is foggy since that was years ago but rather that I remember doubting my memory almost immediately afterward.

6  I was fasting about the marriage during this one week period.

7 the Pastors wife said if I get a  fellowship from the University I should be able to afford to get married.

8 I got a letter saying I was rejected from the fellowship

9 During the one week period the Pastor told me to consider leaving UBF

10 After  he told me to consider leaving UBF I soon later opened a letter saying I received the fellowship  as part of the second  pool of recipients after having had not received funds when I could have married her.  Also she happened to find her passport somewhere it would seem she would have seen it already if it were not placed back there around a time convenient for the Pastor no longer persuading her to marry me if he decided to punish me for my lack of reverence for the most venerable authority structure.  Was that timing divine providence?  I do not know but it seems like it.

11 She was seriously messed up in the head one of her reasons for not marrying me was that  the Pastor and the  Pastor's wife did not unanimously agree that I should marry her, instead of her personal judgment on my character and whether or not she likes me and sees the relationship as practically  feasible.

12 If all that I say is true some of the top leaders are guilty of criminal conspiracy to kidnap people through undue influence in the form of fraud, coercion via immigration officers and theft.   Since vigilante justice would lead to prosecution of the vigilantes although I do not recognize the validity of the United States legal  system I propose taking as many legal actions against them as possible through the very system they are guilty of supporting with all their speeches about obeying authority figures.

13 I am not talking about prosecuting everyone but Sarah Barry surely knew what was going on and if not her level of criminal negligence and   wilful ignorance is too far beyond the shadow of doubt I would set before trying to press charges.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

UBF all or none educational policies harm marriages

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I said I wanted to marry someone who has never been to college preferably and avoid all that college brainwashing and student loan debt in a spouse.

I said it was wrong to peer pressure women to get PhDs.  There was one woman who said in her young disciples conference testimony she wanted to be married and become a stay at home mother but her shepherdess said she should get a PhD for the glory of God instead

The Pastor told me it was at one time forbidden for missionaries to attend college classes so they can teach college students full time and they had very difficult low paying jobs or lowly jobs or something like that maybe like working in fish factories and it turned out bad and later they found it worked better for missionaries to take college classes.

The Pastor even went so far as to quote Samuel Lee that it is better to drown in a lake than to not serve sheep in regards to the past policy of forbidding missionaries to attend colleges.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


It is problematic that people are lying about consent in today's western society both men and women.  Or create gray areas where consent is unclear when they do not need it to be unclear.  This is why I am a big fan of matchmaking instead of dating for some people as I wrote in a previous article.  But remember marriage by faith is not voluntary matchmaking it is arranged marriage with deception.

Now, in case you think taking a photo with a contract before having sex would be going a bit far with the whole make-sure-you-have-proof-of-affirmative-consent thing – you’re wrong. In fact, it’s not going far enough.

Friday, February 2, 2018

What is wrong with UBF private revelation about marriage

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Here is an old draft I wrote about marriage by faith possibly last updated on April 28, 2015, I am posting this now on 2018 February 2

The article explains what is wrong with third private revelation when it comes to marriage.  The Bible does not list who is supposed to marry who, when UBF elders claim to receive such revelation it is an extra Biblical teaching and they clearly are not Sola Scriptura people who go by the Bible alone in spite of claims otherwise.  Actually no one goes by the Bible alone.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

UBF dating break up policy vs Deuteronomy 22 and 1 Corinthians 7

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There was a woman I saw give a testimony in front of a large audience at UBF.  I am pretty sure the testimony was filtered by UBF members to ensure it was OK to say by UBF standards and I am pretty sure she was in line with standard operating procedure at the time.

She said she prayed for her Bible student to break up with her boyfriend.  I want to address if Bible teachers should be encouraging people to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, encouraging them to marry or being neutral.  I suggest that encouraging them to marry and being neutral can be supported but not encouraging them to break up.  When I say encourage to marry I am not talking about forced marriage, but suggesting marriage as an option.

Family planning by UBF vs Jehovah witnesses

Views expressed do not necessarily represent those of University Bible Fellowship

Were the top leaders guilty of human trafficking?

Views expressed do not represent those of University Bible Fellowship I have so much trouble believing this that I am skeptical of my o...