Monday, January 15, 2018

Marriage by faith, surprise it still exists

Articles here do not necessarily represent official UBF teaching or any other UBF member or ex members point of view

When I left UBF I was encouraged to date to find someone by UBF leaders who tried to scare people away from dating when I was in better standing.  There are three kinds of people 1st class UBF members in good standing, 2nd class regular Christians and 3rd class unbelievers.

I was demoted to second class and when I talked to them occasionally while not attending their regular meetings they were insistent I date a second class person like myself never a first or third class.

They actually ironically were opposed to me having my friends outside UBF match me with foreigners, I should date Christians only and Christians not in UBF, foreigner mail order brides should be avoided as I might marry a non Christian.I

 I should do dating definitely dating and of Christians only, plans to use a matchmaker outside of UBF or online dating sites to get a mail order bride when mentioned made the Pastors wife freak out in our brief conversation.

But I was loyal to UBF doctrine even upon leaving UBF I did not want to date anyone before marriage there was no other way.  They wanted me to be fickle on the doctrine once I left and date people don't use a matchmaker or get a mail order bride.

Furthermore at least one of the Pastors children was permitted to date people.

Clearly matchmaking had become optional and dating was allowed


Except I found out people left because suddenly the Pastor acted bizarre when a student got a girlfriend even though they just started allowing people to date.

The Pastor never reformed I just became a second class Christian so I thought people were allowed to date but no years later they are still abusing first class Christians and the second class Christians can not see it because they do not get special favors.

When we leave UBF we may think the abuses practiced are gone but they are still ongoing and disturbingly UBF leaders know matchmaking can turn out badly they were afraid it could ruin my life more than the evils of dating at least if anyone else does the matchmaking.

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